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Outbound SDR – Our outbound team will design outreach campaigns using proactive prospecting methodologies with a focus on telephone prospecting.

Holistic Sales Operations – Our outbound team will design campaigns to reach your ideal clients, present your offering to them, and manage the entire pipeline process.

Regardless of which program you choose, you’ll have an experienced data management and revenue operations team working on your behalf.

If we decide to work together, there is a monthly retainer plus a performance fee based on the number of Held meetings or closed-won deals.

For clients seeking industrial clients in the North American region.

For emerging technology companies seeking industrial clients in North America, regardless of their product’s market fit, existing sales operations and market launch.

No, we provide our own technology stack or you can provide the technology for us.

For the first 6 weeks, there will be a weekly call where we will review the past week’s activities and opportunities. Thereafter, the calls will be bi-weekly.

About us

Blair Carey

Blair Carey


Blair started selling newspaper subscriptions when he was 10. In his teens and twenties, his sales skills were applied to sporting goods, camera equipment, and eventually, institutional equity research sales. He now leads the InsideCRO team of sales professionals using a variety of proven processes and methods to assist clients in finding the right prospects who are both qualified and curious at the right time.

As the primary coach for InsideCRO, he inculcates world-leading methods into the outbound outreach process and is always seeking new methods to assist clients in their outreach efforts. As a result, the InsideCRO team is constantly testing new processes, technologies, and channels that will help achieve better outcomes.
In addition to his work with the InsideCRO team, Blair also advises and leads other sales and revenue operations teams on a regular basis.

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David Eskenazi

Business Development Manager - Data Solutions

At his core, David enjoys connecting and networking with people. He has taken his passion and applied it as an outbound business development professional in the technology sector for the past 6 years. He has developed and fine-tuned both his own skills and the processes involved in outbound BDR work and has proven to excel in lead generation and ultimately booking meetings. Previously he worked for Ayyeka Technologies, WhiteSource, and NetOp Cloud.


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David Eskenazi
Yisrael Feldman

Yisrael Feldman

Business Development Manager

Returning to sales after nearly 25 years, Yisrael brings with him a wealth of experience from the detail-oriented world of construction management.

Mixing his attention to detail with all of the latest technologies and platforms, he is forging new channels and uncovering untapped markets for our clients.

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Eric Bauman

Head of Sales Development

Eric was born to sell and to create key relationships with top C-Level executives. Eric is a master of opening up doors and has managed top SD teams globally and his methodology is achieved by personal example.

He has over 17 years in the high tech industry in many segments such as e-commerce, fintech, databases , cyber security & more.

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Marivie Reyes

Marivie Reyes

Administrative Assistant

An engineering graduate and previously worked as a Technical Support for different software companies: DELL, Virgin Digital Help, AVG Anti-Virus, Quickbooks, and RTLawrence Corp.

A proficient, self-motivated Virtual Administrative Assistant with excellent skills and successful free-lance experience of four years. Organized, detail-oriented, fast learner, with excellent knowledge of management tools, reporting, and research.

Have a great passion for working as Admin- Assistant for ICRO clients and always aim to remain updated with the tools to perform tasks required by clients, precisely and on time.

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