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How can we help your business?

Out team of Lead Generation data analysts, Sales Development pros and Sales Rockstars help  Industrial Technology companies approach old and new markets with a high velocity Outbound Outreach Approach.

If this sounds like you, then here’s what we can do for you if:

You run a Company that wants to accelerate Revenues in a new market:

  1. We’ll build, operate and manage your entire Outbound Outreach including Lead Generation & Sales Development.
  2. We’ll hire, train & manage our own dedicated or co-shared team of OutBound SDRs to manage cold and warm leads.
  3. We’ll build a Revenue Operations Playbook which outlines the specific steps to take and the timing for execution for each step that is results-based
  4. Our outbound SDR team will book sales-ready conversations with your Ideal Clients in the calendars of your founders or sales team.
  5. We’ll make sure that these Ideal Clients show up for the meeting.

For Industrial Technology companies, a High Velocity sales attack needs an Outsourced Outbound Outreach Sales Development Program

You’re a VC who’s invested  $5 million or more in a company with the intent to scale revenues:

  1. We’ll perform a Due Diligence Review of the Revenue Operations before you invest so you completely understand what is needed to drive the scaling and ensure you get the ROI you’re seeking
  2. Once you’ve invested your funds, we’ll work with existing Revenue Leaders to build a roadmap to success
  3. We’ll coach and train your Revenue Leaders to build their own Revenue Operations Playbook
  4. If necessary, we’ll help you source and find the next Revenue Leaders for your new portfolio company.
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