CRO Offers

Data Solutions

We provide subscriptions to Zoom Info, Seamless and Ramped Up

  • Zoom Info – Individual license, 1,000 credits per month

  • Seamless – Individual license, 1,000 credits per month

  • Ramped Up – Individual license, 1,000 credits per month

Outbound Outreach

  • We’ll build, operate and manage your entire Outbound Outreach including Lead Generation & Sales Development.
  • We’ll hire, train & manage our own dedicated or co-shared team of Outbound SDRs to manage cold and warm leads.
  • We’ll build a Revenue Operations Playbook which outlines the specific steps to take and the timing for execution for each step that is results-based
  • Our outbound SDR team will book sales-ready conversations with your Ideal Clients in the calendars of your founders or sales team.
  • We’ll make sure that these Ideal Clients show up for the meeting.

Sales QB

  • A Total Addressable Market Analysis to determine the potential value of the organization’s offering.
  • A Sales Process Audit
  • A playbook of sales processes to implement on day 1 toward a PRSP.
  • A roadmap of tool and technology implementation for the PRSP.
  • Weekly meetings with sales and sales operations personnel.

Market Research

  • Want to know your actual total addressable market?
  • In 90 days we can poll up to 5,000 prospects and help you determine the scope, size and characteristics of your target market.

Due Diligence For Investors

  • We’ll perform a Due Diligence Review of the Revenue Operations before you invest so you completely understand what is needed to drive the scaling and ensure you get the ROI you’re seeking
  • Once you’ve invested your funds, we’ll work with existing Revenue Leaders to build a roadmap to success
  • We’ll coach and train your Revenue Leaders to build their own Revenue Operations Playbook
  • If necessary, we’ll help you source and find the next Revenue Leaders for your new portfolio company.