CRO Tools

Here’s a list of tools that CROs should be using or have access to as some point in their work:

Customer Relationship Management Systems

I’ve been using a CRM system since the late 90s and they’re invaluable places to collect data on both your suspects, prospects, customers and clients.  Each CRM system is unique in terms of its deliverables and functionality.  Here’s some of the ones that I’ve either used in the past or are currently available in the market today:

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is essential to accelerate your marketing operations forward.  These tools allow you to manage both inbound and outbound content and the prospect journey around your site.

Lead Research

When building list of suspects to approach using your marketing and sales development teams you need to start somewhere.  Depending on your Ideal Client Profiles, each of these services can be a great resource for you to capture the individual contact data you’re seeking.  Some are actual databases, others are chrome extensions that scrape contact data from LinkedIn profiles or websites.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Web and Phone Conferencing

Eventually you’ve got to speak to someone in order to drive revenues.  There are plenty of calling and presenting systems out there.  Here are some of the ones that I’ve used most recently.

Sales Development Enablement Platform

If you’ve got an inside sales team or an outbound sales team, then you need an enablement platform for your SDRs to not only make calls from, but also run multiple plays and track all the data.  Here’s some platforms that I’ve recently reviewed, demoed and tested that can meet your simple or complex needs.

Customer Success Tracking & Tools

If you’ve got customers or clients and you’re trying to delight them with your service then you need a tracking and platform tool to stay organized and be able to manage the data you need.  Here’s a few that I’ve used over the last few years:

I’ll be adding both sections to this list as well as more vendors.  If you have some favourites, please list them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to review them and add them to the list.


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